Research & Reports

WIB Dashboards  – These reports provide a “snapshot” of the programs and work of the WIB on a quarterly basis.

WIB Dashboard_2021-22 Q1     WIB Dashboard_2021-22 Q2

WIB Dashboard_2020-21 Q1     WIB Dashboard_2020-21 Q2                                          WIB Dashboard_2020-21 Q3    WIB Dashboard_2020-21 Q4

WIB Dashboard_2019-20 Q1      WIB Dashboard_2019-20 Q2                                        WIB Dashboard_2019-20 Q3     WIB Dashboard_2019-20 Q4

Workforce Plans – The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014 charges all local workforce development areas to develop and publish a plan that defines key strategies, partnerships and resources that will promote local and regional economic health for industry and individuals through the development of a strong and relevant workforce. View the Sonoma County WIB Workforce Development Plan 2021-2024.

Regional Plan – The North Bay Regional Planning Unit consists of the Sonoma Workforce Investment Board, the Workforce Alliance of the North Bay (including Lake, Marin, Mendocino, and Napa Counties), and the Workforce Development Board of Solano County.

View the North Bay Employment Connection’s Regional Plan Program Year 2021-2024.

Regional Workforce and Industry Analytic Service Report 2022  – this report was developed and produced by Economic Forensics and Analytics, Inc. on behalf of the North bay Employment Connection (NBEC) and its member Workforce Boards.

Occupational Outlook 2014 -This Occupational Outlook Report for the Greater North Bay Region was developed and produced by Jim Cassio & Associates on behalf of the North Bay Employment Connection (NBEC) and its member Workforce Boards.

The report profiles the top 50 middle skill occupations in the region and is intended to be used as a job search, career exploration, and labor market research tool. Also included (in the appendix) is: a Career Pathway Index to the occupation profiles; an article on the wine industry and its career pathways; and results from a 2014 workforce needs assessment conducted with some of the region’s key employers.

Job Market Tracker – The job market tracker is an open data resource prepared monthly, by the Economic Development Board, for community partners who seek to understand the current workforce demands that drive the local job market.

Annual Workforce Survey – This report, prepared annually by the Economic Development Board, surveys local businesses regarding their workforce needs and concerns.  Results are utilized for planning by the Workforce Investment Board, the Job Link Business Services team, and special projects across the county.