Careers in the Building and Trades

The first responders may be gone, but there is still room for heroes!

The local Building and Trades companies are working hard to help with clean up and the rebuild.  But they need our help too!

Prior to the fires, the Building and Trades industry was already struggling to meet demand. Due to retirements, and a limited incoming workforce there have not been enough people available to ‘do the work’.  This is where you come in…

Other Opportunities, available right now!

  1. Sonoma County Adult Education is planning several upcoming courses in construction, and landscaping.  In most cases these classes are FREE!
    • If you would like to get on the waiting list for future classes, or get more information please call 707-521-7829.
  2. You can get paid to help with demolition, repair, renovation and reconstruction of damaged and destroyed structures, facilities and lands on public or non-profit property (parks, schools, waterways, etc).
    • Call 523-1155 to find out more. (Open to English and Spanish speakers).  
  3. There is a Pre-Apprenticeship training program, that will prepare you to enter the construction field, through a state certified joint apprenticeship training program.
    •  Call Cindi at 707-576-7299 for more information!

If you want to work one on one with a career counselor through this process, we can help you by providing information, guidance and support to ensure you’re the most confident and prepared as possible. (Services are FREE to those who qualify.)

To find out more, call 565-5550 or stop by our office at 2227 Capricorn Way, Suite 100 – Santa Rosa.

Be a Sonoma County hero, and call us today. #SonomaCountyStrong