Careers in the Building and Trades

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With a career in construction, you will be a part of a global industry and have a variety of exciting and rewarding construction jobs to choose from!

Job Link Training Opportunities

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Other Opportunities available:

Sonoma County Adult Education Courses in construction and landscaping. Call (707) 521-7829 to get more information.

California Human Development Training opportunities in demolition, repair, renovation and reconstruction. Call (707) 523-1155 to find out more.

Sonoma Lake & Mendocino Counties Building & Construction Trades Council Pre-Apprenticeship training program that will prepare you to enter the construction field, through a state certified joint apprenticeship training program. Call Cindi at (707) 576-7299 for more information.

North Coast Builders Exchange (NCBE) Construction seminars and workshops are held throughout the year in the NCBE Construction Training Center. For more information about NCBE’s Seminars, call the office at (707) 542-9502.

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